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For Monday: Resolved…

…that the United States is the most dangerous country in the world.

When this subject was first suggested, lots of other countries that are (I think) more dangerous to live in came to mind. But many of them don’t have the global power and influence that the U.S. does. So there are a few dimensions of “dangerous” to discuss.

We’ll see where it goes!

Nov. 29: Belarus, Poland, Russia and Ukraine

On Monday, we’ll discuss the recent developments in Eastern Europe and what they mean for the EU and the US:

  • The migrant situation at the Belarus/Poland border.
  • The strengthening of right-wing governments in several former Warsaw Pact countries that have joined the EU (Poland, Hungary, others?)
  • Russia and Ukraine
  • Russia and Western Europe–the NordStream 2 pipeline.
  • And other topics?

See you tomorrow!

If you want to join via Zoom instead of in person, register on the Library’s website ( to get the Zoom link.

Monday: Vigilantism

Here’s a note from Michael Sinclair, who was more diligent than I:

As I recall, the topic for Monday, 22 November is vigilantism. Assuming the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and verdict come up during this discussion, this article from the 19 November edition of The New York Times might be of interest.

We’ll discuss the Rittenhouse case, the trial of three men for Ahmaud Arbery’s murder, and that state of vigilantism generally.

In addition to the article Michael posted, there have been lots of op-ed pieces on the subject published over the last week as well.

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