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May 16: The Nursing Shortage

One of the effects of the pandemic has been to highlight, and exacerbate, the shortage of skilled heath care professionals such as RNs, CMAs, etc. On Monday, we’ll discuss the extent and causes of the shortage, as well as what can be done about it.

Here are some relevant readings:

State of Nursing 2022 (

Nurses are not OK (Grid News)

Board Report on Closure (Island Nursing Home, Deer Isle)

If you haven’t already read the Island Nursing Home report in this week’s Packet, I encourage you to do so. It provides real, local information on many challenges we have discussed in the past.

May 9: Roe v. Wade

Although we had considered a topic relating to nursing (and other health care professional) shortages, I’m sure we won’t be able to avoid discussing the implications of the leaked draft Supreme Court opinion reversing Roe v. Wade.

So let’s make that the topic of the day, and we can turn to staff shortages next week.

For 4/25: Religion and Government

We’ll discuss the relationship between religion and government in the U.S.

With voters perceived to be aligned (in substantial numbers) around religion and religious principles, legislators reacting to those voter blocs, and a Supreme Court populated, at least in part, with justices who are characterized, and categorized, by their professed religious beliefs, we’ll examine how the “separation of church and state” works and how we think it should work.

Here are some readings assembled by Hugh:

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