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What is China Up To?

With Nancy Pelosi’s visit last week to Taiwan and China’s response, we decided it was time to turn our attention back to Asia. While Ukraine, Russia, and Europe have garnered an outsized share of the news coverage (for obvious reasons), China hasn’t been sitting still.

I expect we’ll do a survey of the various initiatives and developments within China and vis-a-vis its neighbors and trading partners.

Does Putin have an exit strategy?

Assuming at least part of the conversation on Monday, 14 March will be about Russia and Ukraine, a column by Tom Friedman in the 8 March issue of The New York Times might be of interest. In that column, Friedman asks what Putin’s exit strategy from Ukraine is and concludes that he doesn’t really have one, given Ukraine’s so far apparently successful resistance and the Russian military’s apparent failures. Here’s a link to that column:

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