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Dec. 19: The Work Week

Is a four-day work week “better” than a five-day one? We’ll discuss the arguments made by Prof. Juliet Schor and her colleagues, citing studies of the question in several different countries. Here’s a link to what appears to be their most recent summary document. If you want to read more, you can visit the site for a foundation with which they’re associated, “4 Day Week Global.” Research? or Advocacy?

  • “Better” for whom? Workers? Employers? Society? Everyone?
  • If it’s a slam-dunk decision, why has a four-day work week not been broadly adopted? In the U.S.? Throughout Western Europe? In developing countries? In China?
  • If it’s better, how should we move forward? Educate? Advocate? Regulate?

Sorry for the late post…

Dec. 12: The 2024 Presidential Election

With Donald Trump a declared candidate and Joe Biden (or at least Jill) heavily signaling that he will run again, we’ll discuss those prospective candidates and, more generally, presidential candidacy:

  • Will Biden run again?
    • If so, how would that affect other 2024 down-ballot candidates?
    • Will anyone (with stature) run against him in the primaries?
    • How should we interpret his proposal to reconfigure the primary calendar?
  • How will Trump’s candidacy play out?
    • Can another Republican (DeSantis, others) beat him?
    • If you were political advisor to, say DeSantis, how would you advise him to run his campaign?
  • What do we want in a president?
    • A technocrat who knows how to “get things done” in office? (Is “getting things done” more important than what gets done?)
    • A popular personality with lots of name recognition, backed (hopefully) by staff who know how to get things done within government?
    • In terms of government background:
      • A current or former governor (with executive experience)?
      • A senator (or representative) with legislative experience?
      • Someone from outside the D.C. “cocoon” who may have a better handle on the issues and priorities of regular people?

Should be interesting…

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