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4/3: Demographics and Destiny

We’ll examine how demographics (especially the distribution of ages amongst a population) affects a country’s profile–economic growth, productivity, income distribution, retirement programs, etc. And how countries adapt to differing profiles–from heavily skewed toward older (Monaco and Japan) to those with far more children (more than a dozen countries where the median is less than 18 years old).

Here are some articles thoughtfully provided by Marion (sorry for the late post):

March 20: Genocide

The term “genocide” has been used to describe a wide range of activities over the last several decades. On Monday, we’ll discuss:

  • how the term is defined in international law (and elsewhere),
  • how contemporary genocide is “policed,” prosecuted, and punished,
  • what sort of repercussions (reparations?) are appropriate for “contemporary” instances of genocide, and
  • how “historical” instances of genocide should be dealt with in the present.

Thanks to Steven K., here are some resources to consider:

March 13: The Arctic

On Monday, we’ll discuss the Arctic, particularly focusing on recent developments in shipping, mining and territorial claims as that body of water becomes more accessible and viable for commercial activity.

Here are some resources to consider reviewing before our meeting (some short, some long):

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