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For Monday: The Texas Abortion Law

On Monday, October 4, we’ll discuss the recently adopted Texas Abortion law. Among the potential lines of discussion I can forsee are:

  • What is in the law itself?
  • Why was the law constructed the way it was (relying, for example, on private citizens to enforce the law)? Do we think that “end run” will work legally?
  • What about the law’s spin-off effect of a renewed focus on the Supreme Court’s “shadow docket?” The Supremes’ decision not to block the law on an emergency basis has certainly ignited some discussion.
  • What do we think the Texas legislature was trying to accomplish by passing the law in the first place? Given the popularity of “abortion rights” around the country, these Texans are certainly diving into an area full of risks–legal, economic, etc.
  • I’m sure there will be much more to discuss.



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