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1/4/21: Whither the GOP? And…

Future of the Republican Party

With the Trump Administration entering its final weeks and the elections (mostly) in the rear-view mirror, Republicans and other interested bystanders are focused on the future of the GOP. The Trump presidency highlighted deep rifts within the party and changes in the demographics of “Republican” voters.

Groups such as the Lincoln Project, comprised of high profile Republicans (and former R’s), are attempting to pull the party back towards its Reagan/Bush/Bush-era platform, while populists and the “Trump base” seem to be heading in a very different direction.

  • Has the Republican party fundamentally changed?
  • Can this rift be healed with Trump out of office, or is it much deeper than one man?
  • What will the Republican party look like (platform, demographics) in, say 4-8 years?
  • What does this mean for Democrats and the Democratic Party?

From Becky Wentworth: Inside the Lincoln Project’s War on Trump (The New Yorker)

What should the Dems (and R’s) do about Trump?

We’ll also discuss how President Trump enters this calculus.

  • Should the Biden Administration push to identify Federal criminal charges against him, or should they focus elsewhere (unless an “egregious” violation of the law is identified)?
  • What if Trump provides a Presidential pardon to himself?
  • Is a Trump run for the Presidency a realistic possibility for 2024 and, if so, how should this possibility inform D’s and R’s strategies?


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