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Dec. 28: Biden and Israel, et. al.

The Trump Administration has made substantial progress in broadening the number of Muslim-majority countries normalizing their diplomatic relations with Israel. But that progress has come at the cost of numerous “side-deals,” providing country-specific incentives. Several of the incentives offered are considered controversial. So this week’s topic will be:

Should the Biden Administration disavow agreements the Trump Administration has made with various countries in exchange for normalization of relations with Israel?

We can also discuss the parliamentary turmoil in Israel and how/whether that should affect the calculus.

Michael Sinclair has provided a handful of brief articles on the subject (all PDF’d for our discussion):

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  • The Kushner “outside in” approach was probably the right one. Sadly, it didn’t get further, and that is not solely Kushner/Friedman’s fault.
    To get beneath the day-to-day polarizing narratives is hard for those who don’t pay continuous attention. Some long view books and references are on this 2017 update page from the Colloquy Downeast seminar:
    Israel is the strongest aspiring hegemon Middle East because of its business acumen (desalination, weaponry) but also because Bibi plays a long game and is probably sharing intelligence with other newly aspiring hegemons (Turks, Saudis).
    The biggest question is Jordan, and which cannot be addressed without a Palestinian element.
    The US outsourced its Middle East policy to Bibi during the Obama years. While Pompeo’s evangelical nexus gets all the media play, what is new is the strength of J Street, the broadening of AIPAC in response, and even developing anti-Zionism within the American diaspora.
    As our congressman said upon return from a huge bipartisan (!) congressional junket in August 2019, “it’s complicated.” But what isn’t? Palestinians and Israelis agree on one thing: “All roads to Jerusalem lead through Washington D.C. “

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