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For Nov. 23: Globalism and World Trade

The Trump Administration seemed to make the term “globalist” a perjorative and to approach trade as a zero-sum game.

Heading into a new, Biden, administration, we’ll revisit some fundamental questions about the United States’ role in global affairs:

  • What is the proper role of the U.S. in global affairs? Leader? Equal partner? Lackey?
  • Are global trade policies/practices amongst the big players sufficiently fair? Where they fall short, what should be done (if anything) to correct the issue?
  • To what extent does our increasingly interconnected world constrain the effectiveness of U.S. domestic policies? For example, to what extent have domestic labor/pay policies intended to help the “working poor” been responsible for “exporting” manufacturing jobs to less wealthy countries?
  • …And lots more to discuss on this broad subject.


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