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July 8: More on Government’s Role

Last week, the official topic was about the appropriate extent of “government” in our society (focusing on the U.S.). We spent some time on the subject, but there’s a lot more to discuss.

So, this week, we’ll continue the topic, exploring where the line should be drawn between “government services” and (as libertarians might put it) the freedom to succeed—or to fail.

To help get us (re-)started, here’s a recent Washington Post op-ed from Charles Lane, entitled: “Democrats point to Nordic nations as models of socialism. Here’s how they actually work. (2 pages)”

Lane’s commentary appears to be founded, in part, on a report by Michael Cembalest, head of JP Morgan Asset Management (with ~$2.0 trillion under management), entitled “Lost in Space: The Search for Democratic Socialism in the Real World… (11 pages)”

I offer double the speaking time to everyone who reads both pieces (should only take 10 minutes)!

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