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Monday, April 29: The Mueller Report

Now that Robert Mueller’s work is complete(?) and his report issued, we’ll discuss the report’s contents and implications:

  • What does the report actually say vs. what the pundits predicted that it would (or say it does)?
  • What (specifically) should be done to protect our elections from Russian (or other external) influence?
  • And, seemingly of far more interest to the talking heads, what are the implications for the Trump presidency?
    • Has Mueller provided convincing evidence that the President has committed one or more crimes?
    • Is impeachment necessary, appropriate or just a political stunt?
    • Put another way, if you were a US Senator, would you vote to convict based solely on the evidence in the Mueller report? Would you apply a different standard than for a criminal jury trial (other than the unanimity requirement for the latter)?

If you aren’t super-facile with Google (or your favorite alternative search engine), here’s a link to the full Mueller Report (be aware, it’s a pretty big file (~140MB) because of the way it was produced—but this is the new, searchable version direct from the US Department of Justice).

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