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Climate Change and Nuclear Power

Following up on our many discussions on climate change (and what to do about it), I thought I’d draw your attention to the attached Op/Ed piece from the New York Times.

Nuclear Power Can Save the World (New York Times Op/Ed)

I agree with them that nuclear power will very likely have a significant role in our electricity generation once we get serious about reducing CO2 emissions.

Two of the authors recently published a book, “xxx,” with a foreword written by the third. I usually try to assess whether Op/Ed authors are “fringy” or not; here are two reviews of the book.

A Bright Future by Joshua Goldstein and Staffan Qvist (Financial Times–Book Review)

A Sensible Climate Change Solution, Borrowed From Sweden (The New York Times–Book Review)

The New York Times one is overall supportive of the nuclear argument; the Financial Times is a bit more reserved, but appears to agree that increased nuclear-powered electricity production will very likely need to be a part of a future CO2 energy production mix. But read them yourselves and form your own view.

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