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Notes: 12/17/18

Buffalo Holocaust
Once there were 50-to-100 million buffalo, they were the most numerous large mammals to ever exist on the face of the earth. Traveling in huge herds, they dominated much of North America from the Missouri River to the Rocky Mountains, from Mexico to Saskatchewan.

USDA Statistics
Total cattle and calves inventory as of January 1, 2016 was 92.0 million head, also 3 percent above previous year. The Overview of the United States Cattle Industry report provides an official periodic review of changes in the United States cattle industry and its impact on cattle supplies and disposition.

World Cattle Inventory:
Ranking of countries (FAO) According to the FAO, the world has 1.468 billion head of cattle. Brazil has the largest cattle inventory in the world followed by India and China. 

Ecomodernism – Wikipedia
Ecomodernism is an environmental philosophy which argues that humans can protect nature by using technology to “decouple” anthropogenic impacts from the natural world.

An Ecomodernist Manifesto
A manifesto to use humanity’s extraordinary powers in service of creating a good Anthropocene.
Founded by (among other people Stewart Brand)

Project Drawdown
We gathered a qualified and diverse group of researchers from around the world to identify, research, and model the 100 most substantive, existing solutions to address climate change. What was uncovered is a path forward that can roll back global greenhouse gas emissions within thirty years.

Breakthrough Institute
The Breakthrough Institute is a global research center that identifies and promotes technological solutions to environmental and human development challenges.

Community Compass (Website)
From Penobscott Bay Press
…created with a $2,500 Deborah Pulliam Social Justice Grant in late 2016, has since provided home visits to all newborns and their families in Deer Isle and Stonington and established three weekly playgroups in Deer Isle that also bring speakers and training opportunities to parents. It hopes to expand the program into Stonington this year, Houghton said.

Window Dressers

WindowDressers is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization dedicated to helping Maine residents reduce heating costs, fossil fuel consumption, and CO-2 emissions by lowering the amount of heat loss through windows.

Build Dates: Sept 23-30, 2018
Location: Halcyon Grange
1157 Pleasant St
Blue Hill, ME 04614 (map)
Ray Yardy – (207) 664-4104 –
Sign up to volunteer: Click Here

Build Dates: Sept 23-30, 2018
Location: Halcyon Grange
1157 Pleasant St
Blue Hill, ME 04614 (map)
Ray Yardy – (207) 664-4104 –
Sign up to volunteer: Click Here

Greenhouse Project
BROOKSVILLE — Now in its fourth season, the Greenhouse Project is growing like hothouse tomatoes.
Co-founded in 2009 by Tony Ferrara of Brooksville and Tom Adamo of Penobscot, the Greenhouse Project is changing landscapes in Hancock and Washington counties.

Citizen’s Climate Lobby
We are focused on what we see as the single most impactful solution to climate change — a national carbon fee and dividend. We know it will not solve the problem entirely, and appreciate the work that our friends in other groups are doing

Brooklin Youth Corps
local teenagers who spend up to 30 hours a week earning minimum wage doing chores for homeowners as well as public service projects around town.
(Weekly Packet)
Benjamin “Tig” Prendergast is the new coordinator for the Brooklin Youth Corps. This year’s BYC season began June 25 and runs through August 16, Monday through Thursday. Former BYC member and GSA graduate Seeta John will run the Garden Apprentice program this summer.
The youth corps is a town-sponsored summer program through which Brooklin teenagers earn minimum wage doing chores for homeowners as well as community service projects. The chores range from weeding to wood stacking, according to a news release from BYC.

America spends over $20bn per year on fossil fuel subsidies. Abolish them | Dana Nuccitelli | Environment | The Guardian

Energy Subsidies

NPR Federal Funding (Wikipedia)
While NPR does not receive any direct federal funding, it does receive a small number of competitive grants from CPB and federal agencies like the Department of Education and the Department of Commerce. This funding amounts to approximately 2% of NPR’s overall revenues.

In 2009, member stations derived 6% of their revenue from federal, state and local government funding, 10% of their revenue from CPB grants,

Public Radio Finances
While NPR shares a mission with our stations, we are funded in significantly different but interrelated ways. Get an overview of that system here. NPR’s latest financial statements and annual reports are included here too.

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