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Jan 8: Can the World Survive Trump?

After spending a brief time discussing the Trump Administration’s actions with respect to Israel, Iran, Pakistan and North Korea (then getting diverted to other topics), we decided to revisit these subjects in a broader context:

Are the world’s institutions (the UN, NATO, US trade partners, etc.) able to deal with what to some people appears to be a “one-man wrecking crew” in the form of our current President.

We’ll see!

See you tomorrow.

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  • So wishing I could join you around the table ‘today’ [ I’m in Sydney OZ where it’s 8:30AM Monday ] …just to toss a few ‘paradigm shift’ pebble ponderings into the pond. I have come to view this Trump era as a full blown display of the irrelevance and inefficacy and inevitable demise of all National Governments… in the paradigm shift I feel we are living through now .. that digital information access has prompted in a 500+year beat of the change in what economists call ‘STORE OF VALUE’ which the world last saw when moveable type prompted merchants to build cities around harbors, w commerce the new source of wealth and therefore ‘running the show’ [ i.e. writing the laws and forming governments of nations ] …instead of on the hills of inherited or God sanctioned authority. Remember there was no ‘storming of the barricades ‘ then. The power of aristocracy and the church was simply made moot, irrelevant. With blockchain we are now actually on the threshold of the shift from Fossil Fuel to Information being the new ‘STORE OF VALUE’ and so I propose the sooner the hugely wealthy and powerful companies currently actually running global capitalism according to their own lights, can sit around the table with the UN, NATO etc and some innovative government leaders [ e.g. some Scandinavian policies ] to enable new kinds of Social Contracts……i.e. figure out issues of ‘Security’ and Protection [ of citizens and the ‘Commons’ e.g. air, water etc. ] and laws of accountability and enforcement, [ as Nations used to within their now porous borders ] the better. 😉

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