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Notes 6 November

On guns: Violence in the Old West

Some people argue that murder rates in the Old West, when everyone carried guns was low. Others say the Old West was more violent. This article seems to have a good analysis of the sources used by both sides.

Trump Urges Russians to hack Clinton Email

Remember that the word “collusion” itself has no formal legal status in this investigation. No relevant federal criminal statute that I know of makes “collusion” — as opposed to conspiracy — a crime. The letter appointing Mueller directs him to investigate “links and/or coordination” between Russia and the campaign, with no mention of “collusion.” From here.

The Bloomberg reporters interviewed the Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, in Moscow for 2½ hours. She claims that Donald Trump Jr. — who attended the meeting with Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort — said that if Trump won, he’d be open to pushing for changes to a U.S. law that targets Russian officials. That is interesting, because it alleges that Donald Trump Jr. offered to be more friendly with Russia in exchange for potential assistance with the campaign

From here

Impeachment of Richard Nixon

Steve Bannon thinks Trump has a 30% of surviving a first term

Gallup approval rating for Trump by political affiliation still at 78%

Can California require candidates release tax returns? Arguments here.

Bias in Media from Wikipedia

Concentration of Media ownership

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