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Notes: 25 September 2017

Review of HR McMaster’s book “Dereliction of Duty

WP article on lessons (possibly learned) by McMaster.

What does Kim Jung Un want. (Tufts) (Foreign Policy) (BBC)

(Source) (American war library)

PBS battlefield vietnam timeline

National archives: casualties

Two buildings => two countries. Muslim intellectuals reconsider Jihadism after the response to 911. (Article in New Yorker)

“We are prohibited from committing aggression, even if the enemies of Islam do that,” Fadl wrote in his fax, which was sent from Tora Prison, in Egypt.

Fadl’s fax confirmed rumors that imprisoned leaders of Al Jihad were part of a trend in which former terrorists renounced violence.

Percentage of military recruits, by state.

44% of recruits come from the Old South.


Smoking rates in the US Military (Wikipedia) In 2005, the smoking rate of military personnel was found to be 32.2%, compared to the civilian rate of 21%

Smoking rate among civilians.

ISIS using drones. 

Other drone examples.

ISIS dropping bombs on tanks from drones.

Iraqui invasion of Kuwait   (US “gives a green light“)

Project Eagle The American Christians of N Korea

Robert S. Kim contributes to a fuller understanding of Asia in World War II by revealing the role of American Christian missionary families in the development of the Korean independence movement and the creation of Project Eagle, the forgotten alliance between that movement and the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), called Project Eagle. (Connects to family of our own Bob Sargent)




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