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Notes: 10 April 2017

The Obama Doctrine and The Obama Doctrine RIP,  both in the Atlantic. PDF version updloaded.

Countries for and against the strikes in Syria 

An alternate map from a site trying to make a point.

National Security Council on Wikipedia

Poll on Air Strikes in Syria

A new HuffPost/YouGov survey shows that 51 percent of Americans back Trump’s recent action in Syria, while 32 percent oppose. Another 17 percent said they were uncertain.

With 83 percent, an overwhelming majority of Trump supporters agree with the president’s military action, just 11 percent disagree.


Dilbert on the Syrian Gas Attacks

Watch now as the world tries to guess where Trump is moving military assets, and what he might do to respond. The longer he drags things out, the less power the story will have on the public. We’ll be wondering for weeks when those bombs will start hitting Damascus, and Trump will continue to remind us that he doesn’t talk about military options.

Then he waits for something bad to happen to Assad’s family, or his generals, in the normal course of chaos over there. When that happens on its own, the media will wonder if it was Trump sending a strong message to Assad in a measured way. Confirmation bias will do the rest.

Blog post from Scott Adams after the attack

After telling us how smart Trump would be to do nothing, he tells us that Trump would appear weak if he did nothing, so he was brilliant to do what he did.

What’s an American President to do? If Trump does nothing, he appears weak, and it invites mischief from other countries. But if he launches 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian military air base base within a few days, which he did, the U.S. gets several benefits at low cost.

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