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Topic 23 Jan 2017: Update


iou Expanding on the earlier post about this week’s topic (link here) the homework/preparation for Monday is to watch the confirmation hearings, the inaugural address  (full text annotated by NPR, fact check by Politifact, Washington Post, ) and read the news to see what Trump does in the first 2 days.

Time’s report of Trump’s first day.  And the NY Time’s report of Trump’s first days, and Sean Spicer’s weird press briefing.

You can also read what’s been put up at the new site. Much was made of the fact that Trump had taken down pages about LGBTQ issues and Climate Change. This is true, but misleading. Everything was taken down (and archived at a news site). Then it has been replaced with a new site.]

This is in accord with a plan posted on the White House site.


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