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Notes 30 Jan 2017

America First, Netherlands Second

Critique of Trump policy on China from Foreign Policy “This is how you stumble into a crisis.”

Book recommendations

Confucious lives next door (Wikipedia, Amazon)

The geography of thought (Wikipedia, Amazon) Entire book in PDF form, here.

Why is Confucious relevant today, National Geographic

Why China is turning back to Confucious, Wall Street Journal

Trump is handing China the world (Daily Beast)

Why so many Chinese students come to the US (BBC)

Patent Enforcement in China: report from USPTO

From Wikipedia

That “gook” comes from the Korean word “국” (guk), meaning “country”,[7] “한국” (hanguk), meaning “Korea”, or “미국” (miguk), meaning “America”.[8] For example, American soldiers might have heard locals saying miguk, referring to Americans, and misinterpreted this as “Me gook.”[9] It should be noted that “Mỹ Quốc”[10] is an archaism in Vietnamese that died out due to a language shift, starting from just before the Indochina Wars and culminating with the end of that period often referred to as the Vietnam War, which has the same root and similar pronunciation to Korean “미국” (miguk) both stemming from Chinese characters “美國”(Měiguó) also meaning “America.”

Island building in South China Sea

Showdown in the South China Sea: China’s artificial islands explained

Wikipedia Article

Great wall of sand

New Silk Road Initiative

One belt, one road

Wikipedia article 

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