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Notes 29 July 2016

Bogus Journal accepts anti-spam paper. The article is here.


The International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology has accepted for publication a manuscript that was first written in 2005 to protest spam conference invitations. The paper contains the F-word throughout the manuscript.

International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology

This is the paper that was sent to the journal in response to its spam.

The original paper (selection above) was written by David Mazières and Eddie Kohler and is entitled “Get me off your f—–g mailing list.”

The entire paper is available here. I’m especially fond of this section:


Get me off your fucking mailing list. Get me off your fucking mailing list. Get me off your fucking mailing list. Get me off your fucking mailing list. Get me off your fucking mailing list. Get me off your fucking mailing list. Get me off your fucking mailing list.

Says is all!

Open Letter to Baghdadi, here. Click on “Read the Letter.” The table of contents is revealed by clicking a round button in the upper left hand corner.


Tuition assistance at Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, here. Students whose families have less than $60,000 in income pay nothing for room, board, or tuition. Free tuition for less than $125,000.
At Penn the threshold is $40,000.
It’s 103 questions that could make all the difference in how you pay for college. Yet every year families shy away from filling out the form known as the FAFSA, which the government and colleges use to determine need- and some merit-based financial aid.
Open letter to Dr. Ibrahim Awwad Al-Badri, alias ‘Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi’, the leader of ISIS, signed by a number of Islamic scholars.
Predictit odds for Hillary have not changed that much.
Fivethirtyeight “Now cast” “If the election were held today.”
You can see the Trump RNC bump and the Clinton counter-bump.
Polls plus. This is Fivethirtyeight’s most comprehensive forecast. It’s much less sensitive to day-to-day changes in polling.

I am both a values-driven and a tribal Democrat and an unremitting (attempted) rationalist. The values driven part — plus education — has turned me into a (qualified) admirer of Nixon and Reagan, and has lowered my opinion of, for example, Bill Clinton. The values-driven part makes me consider the over-all set of positions, in historical context.

The rationalist part makes me react viscerally, and with hostility toward misrepresentation of facts. So I don’t like it when people

The tribal part makes me viscerally opposed to

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