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Notes 18 July 2016

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Pokemon GO is the biggest mobile game in history. Article from Forbes.

Health benefits of Pokemon GO



Pokemon in Blue Hill






Health benefits of Pokemon GO.

Political benefit: Edward Snowden captured.


The decline effect wikipidea and New Yorker Article. More thoughts by the original author in New Yorker.

A brief history of Opioids by Atlantic. This is an interactive graphic in the article:


Why did Turkish Coup fail

Analysis of Coup in

Yuval Noah Harari (author of Sapiens) talks about “The theater of terror” in the Guardian.

…terror is a military strategy that hopes to change the political situation by spreading fear rather than by causing material damage. This strategy is almost always adopted by very weak parties, who are unable to inflict much material damage on their enemies.

This article that Ronald Reagan (and the NRA) favored gun control in California because the Black Panthers armed themselves.

Great analysis of gun laws by state, and its follow-up. Also this post about  trusting studies.

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