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World War II

Want to learn the story of the 80 million who died in WW II in a way that you will not easily forget?

Want to find out how lucky you are to be living here and now, instead of there and then? Spend 18 minutes, and watch this documentary

As the images, each representing 1,000 deaths, pile up, and up, and up, and up, and up you’ll get of sense of how horrible things were not so very long ago.

And even though there are bad things happening today, the scale of what went on then is hard to comprehend. The documentary is well researched, cites sources, and puts that war and others before (back to Genghis Khan and earlier) and since (Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and others) in historical and demographic perspective. Take some time and watch it.

At the end there’s an easy way to support the project financially.

And, of course, tell your friends.


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