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Easy way to get more money! Mathematically proven!

Everyone knows that one way to get more money is by working harder. But there’s another, easier way. I can prove it, mathematically.

The definition of power, from physics is:

power = work/time

Since we know that knowledge is power and time is money, we can substitute:

knowledge = work/money

Solving this equation for money we get:

money = work/knowledge

So you can get more money by more work, given constant knowledge.  You already know that, so I don’t claim anything for telling you that.

But what you probably didn’t know is that you can get more money by doing the same amount of work while knowing less.

Just by reading this you know less than when you started, so you should get more money any time soon.  As soon as you get it I get 10% for this tip.

You are not obliged to send me the money, but here is a story to encourage you: AJ from North Dakota (not his real initials) read this several times each time becoming less knowledgeable. Shortly afterward he got an unexpected $100,000. He did not send me my 10%, and shortly after that he got sick and died. Don’t be like AJ. Send me my 10% as soon as your extra money comes in.

Doing it will make you even stupider, and you’ll get even more money!

PPS: I’m sure this explains some of the dysfunctions of government, society, or the market, depending on what hobby-horse you like to ride. I like riding them all, and choose my steed depending on whoever is riding a different one.


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