Notes 4 Dec: Equal Right Amendment

Equal Rights Amendment FAQ.

Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay act,and history

Supreme Court Case Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co, Inc.  (Supreme court)  Wikipedia

At least 41% of Republican men report feeling a “moderate” or “great deal” of gender discrimination this election cycle, compared to 27% of Democratic men who feel the same, according to the report, which drew data from the American National Election Studies. Comparatively, 33% of men overall say they feel the same. From here

That’s right, white people, some 55% of whom say whites are discriminated against in America today, according to a new NPR/Robert Wood Johnson/Harvard poll. Now, this is not entirely a surprise—a 2011 Harvard study found a similar conclusion: “Whites see racism as a zero sum game they are now losing.” From here


4 Dec Topic: Equal Rights Amendment

Marion has invited Nancy Murdock from ERA Maine to join us on Monday, 4 Dec, to talk with us about the Equal Rights Amendment.

Nancy recommends that we read the  ERA Maine  website and this article from the Portland Press Herald (written by Nancy). She’s also written this and this.

Did you know that the Maine ERA group started in Blue Hill? I didn’t until I read it on the website. What else don’t we know?



27 November Notes

Recommended by Butler “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” Wikipedia  Netflix article referred to by Marion as worth reading.

Migration from Liberal to conservative over time From OKCupid


Maine Electoral Map (the version online is interactive, so you can see the numbers)

Mapping the US Electorate from WSJ

Rural Urban divide on age and earnings

Urban Institute, mapping American’s Futures

Washington Post article on Rural/Urban divide…

Good resource for political maps

Urban vs Rural Politics

Recommended by Becky: “More perfect union : the story of Alexander Hamilton / Nancy Whitelaw.” 112 pp.

Recommended by Bob: “Mapping the Frontier” by his grandfather.


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