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For Dec. 18: Urban Liberals vs. Rural Conservatives

I wasn’t there a couple of weeks ago when this topic (what drives the observed(?) divide wherein the more rural population skews conservative and the urban folks skew liberal?) was supposed to be discussed, but yesterday’s group thought it would be interesting and hadn’t been fully mined when it was on the agenda. So we’re going to try again.

Mike Wolf’s original description and meeting review post of the meeting on November 27 has some links to articles/data that may be helpful in framing the discussion; if you have other sources you think the group should considering reviewing before next Monday, please post them in a comment here (or email Mike or me if you want us to post them).

For 18 September: Marijuana

As a warm-up to this evening’s “Community Conversation” and the Town of Surry’s public hearing on the subject, we’ll be discussing marijuana, legalization in Maine, and Peninsula town’s reactions to the opportunity to decide whether to regulate certain commercial marijuana activities.

Here’s a link to a recent Denver Post article, provided by Richard Jacoby (who spends a lot of time in Colorado–resident?), that should help to get us started. Richard notes that the Denver Post has generally been sympathetic to marijuana legalization. He also adds:

Note it is only a correlation but does underestimate the impaired problem because the samples have usually been taken several hours after the fact and in many cases once a legal limit of alcohol has been detected the coroner doesn’t bother with testing for other drugs.  It points out the difficulties of addressing the effect of drug impaired driving.

See you later today!