Notes 8 May 2017

Dr. Otis Brawley (Wikipedia)

Comparison of Healthcare costs in Maine collected by Maine Health Data Organization

Colonoscopy from $1,248 to $5,094

Knee replacement $28K-$66K

Arthroscopy of knee $5,000 -> $13,000


Per Capita Healthcare costs


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How healthcare is financed

What happened in 1981?

Costs of Administration in the US

Direct to Consumer Advertising of Pharmaceutical

Costs of Drug

From here.

I also found a longer article that provides a lot more data about the financing of health care worldwide.
And this one on global health.


Offshore healthcare costs from here.

From BCBS here.

Kaiser Health costs

Kaiser Health Care Prescription cost

Medical costs were at 17.8% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2015 according to the USCenters for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in the National Health Expenditure Fact Sheet. They are almost certainly higher today.
The US economy has been growing at less than 2% per year over the past few decades. Here, from Kaiser Foundation, is the stark reality, in one graph,

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this talk by Dr. Otis Brawley (Wikipedia)

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  1. I was intrigued by Duncan’s comment about the lack of substantial cost savings associated with Advance Care Directives. Here’s a link to a NEJM article (by Ezekiel Emanuel, etc.) summarizing other studies and providing some thoughts on why the savings are small(ish). The one that caught my attention is that a substantial proportion of folks, when given the choice, choose to continue aggressive intervention. And the cost of “quality” hospice care isn’t much lower than medical treatment (???).

    Anyway, here it is:

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