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3/18: Propaganda and Disinformation

As we head into the core of the U.S. election season, the media (rightly) is refocusing on the prevalence of “disinformation” or propaganda to which voters (and children, and others) are exposed. So we’ll revisit the subject on Monday.

  • What is “disinformation”–does it depend on the “eye of the beholder?”
  • How do Americans obtain their “news”–cable TV, newspapers, social media, word of mouth?
  • If social media is as important and influential as many think, should the providers be regulated in some way? (And, if so, how?)
    • Is the TikTok hubbub a special case, or are many of its issues endemic to the entire social media space?
  • Do media “fact checkers” make a difference?
  • What can be done to diminish the influence of disinformation within our society?

Here are a few potentially relevant readings (from amongst many):


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