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9/25: Professionalism in College Sports

With the college football season well underway, we’ll take up one of the “sports topics of the year.” Not Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes, but the question of how/whether “amateur” college athletes should be compensated and educated.

Here are a handful of articles and other resources to get the discussion started:

Starter questions:

  • Should college athletes be amateurs or paid for their performances?
  • How should education be prioritized for college athletes?
  • What limits to types of compensation should be applied to college athletes? Where on the spectrum from “can be compensated for washing dishes in the college cafeteria” (unrelated to athletics) to “can be compensated for performance on the athletic field” (directly related)?
  • How can/should third party (i.e., booster group) interactions with athletes be regulated?

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