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November 7: Social Media and Elections

One day before the midterm elections, we’ll discuss the impact of social media on political (and other) discussion in the U.S. Potential sub-topics include:

  • Will Elon Musk lose his shirt in his Twitter acquisition?
    • What do we make of his moves at Twitter to date?
      • “Devastating” reduction in staff (according to a NYT news article)
      • Institution of a $7.99 fee for the blue “verified user” check mark
    • Given the $40+ billion purchase price, what would we do if we were in his shoes?
  • More broadly, how should user contributions (speech) on social media be regulated (if at all)?
    • How would that work?
    • Who decides what is true and what is false in a whirlwind of opinions, which are now commonly phrased as statements of fact?
    • Should Section 230 be changed? Interestingly (at least to me), a quick Google search identified more supporters of the existing law than opponents. EFF, Brookings, Cato, Seattle Times.

And we’ll undoubtedly find time to discuss Tuesday’s elections.

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