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November 28: Money and Education

At last week’s session, one of our participants suggested that we discuss when throwing money at a problem can and cannot work. (He put it more eloquently.)

So we decided to try it out on education in the U.S.

  • Is this a case where more money can solve the issues with lackluster educational performance? Or is performance driven primarily by other factors?
  • If more money can make a big difference, how should it be spent? Teachers, school buildings, tutoring, class materials, extracurriculars? All of the above?
  • What other societal factors are holding us back? (There is a lot of anecdotal discussion about the social safety net and kids “ready to learn.”)
  • How can the charter school (public and private) experience and track record inform our discussion?
  • What is the goal of a U.S. education? The three R’s? Civics? Vocational training? College prep? Everything to everyone?
    • With a wide range of goals, how do we define, and then measure, “excellence?”
    • And will more clarity of definition and measurement motivate educators to “teach to the test?” Is that what we want?

This is a subject with a lot of anecdotes. But there have also been quite a few studies examining many of these questions. I encourage participants to spend a bit of time looking for research on the subject.

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