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TPP and Mankiw

Having (perhaps) whetted folks’ appetites with my quick reading of Harvard Econ professor Greg Mankiw’s “The Economy is Rigged, and Other Presidential Campaign  Myths,” we’ll turn to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (Good or Bad for the U.S.) next week.

You’re obviously free to do your own research. But here’s another piece by Mankiw on the subject:

Economists Actually Agree on This: The Wisdom of Free Trade

Think I’m only selecting one side? Here’s a bit of a rebuttal, courtesy of Google:

Greg Mankiw is Everything That’s Wrong with Economists

Who is this Greg Mankiw?

As you know, I always like to do a bit of research on my sources, and Wikipedia is a good start. As I mentioned on Monday, he’s well known for his activity on the Bush Council of Economic Advisors and his authorship of an introductory Economics textbook that is in very wide use today—so his is a very familiar name to recent college grads who’ve taken Econ.

I like to follow him mostly because he’s articulate, funny, thoughtful and accomplished. But I also admit that I tend to agree with him a lot (whether that’s because he’s convincing or because we just see the world in similar ways is a subject for future debate).

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  • Adam Smith, Ricardo, and Mankiw are right. Now it all makes sense. We buy shoes from China and we convert a shoe factory in Auburn Maine into a boutique medical clinic so the Chinese will fly 7,000 miles across the Pacific, 3,000 miles over the U.S. (where there are a few other medical clinics), to take a 4 hour bus ride from Boston (where there is a pretty good medical facility) to buy medical care from us in Maine. And, if anything is not right at the shoe mill clinic we will send them back on the bus to Boston to fix it right. Meanwhile there are things to see and do in Auburn. Could it be that the EB-5 program citizenship for all is the real product?

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