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For January 26: Minimum Wage–Pro and Con

The President renewed his call for an increased minimum wage, observing that the current federal level does not represent a “living wage.” The NY Times argued in it’s Editorial Staff blog that even $10.10 an hour is not enough. Republicans have expressed concern that raising the minimum wage will eliminate some jobs that “aren’t worth” $7 per hour.

Who’s right? How should this be decided? To be discussed on Monday.

If you’d like to read some more…

Start with Wikipedia…

Minimum Wage


Cato Institute


Center for Economic and Policy Research

News Coverage

Forbes (I think reasonably balanced), but you’ll judge for yourself

Congressional Budget Office

The February 2014 CBO Study (it’s not too long)

ABC News “Cliff Notes” Version

Feel free to comment if you think there’s a better source we should consider for Monday.

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