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Affirmative Action: A concept whose time has come and gone?

This topic was discussed on November 18, 2013.

  • Are affirmative action programs inherently discriminatory?
  • Have they successfully served their original purpose?
    • If not, what criteria should be applied in determining when to end these programs?
  • How should the Supreme Court have ruled in the University of Texas case (if not sent back on narrow procedural grounds)?  Why?
  • On what basis (if any) should affirmative action be applied?
    • Race?
    • Gender?
    • Economic status?
  • What does this imply about the notion of “disparate impact” (in which no intent to discriminate is proven, only an adverse statistical relationship) in applying civil rights law?

Here is a recent NYT article on at least one aspect of the issue:

20131113 Texas University’s Race Admissions Policy is Debated Before A Federal Court (NYT)

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