Executive Compensation at Non-Profits

This topic was discussed on November 4, 2013.

Given that we are now in the middle of the college football season, how can we resist turning our attention to football coaches’ pay. With at least two earning more than $5 million per year, is this really where we want our institutions of higher education, especially public ones, to be putting their resources?

Here’s a link to a USA Today article to get you started:


More broadly, there have been lots of news stories about “excessive” executive compensation at non-profits…should college football coaches be paid more than their college president? Should a college president be paid more than a star faculty member? Similar examples come from many sources…non-profit hospitals, foundations, etc.

We’ll discuss this issue (and, undoubtedly, executive compensation at for-profit entities as well) when we meet on November 4.

Obama Administration Foreign Policy

This subject was discussed on October 14, 2013.

The attached article, located by one of the active Beyond Labels participants, examines the possibility that the Obama administration “may have strayed into the radical reforging of American foreign policy.” The author, Graham Fuller, is a former colleague of another participant.

This week’s topic will be to examine that assertion in the context of current events. To the extent we have time, we will also discuss the latest goings-on in Washington, DC. It’s been an eventful week!

20130930 Has Obama (Inadvertently) Broken the Mold in US Foreign Policy

Government’s Role in Home Ownership

This topic was discussed on October 21, 2013.
The Federal government has long supported home ownership via its support of the mortgage market through FNMA and FHLMC and a variety of laws and regulations governing other mortgage lender’s activities. Some believe that the benefits of this government support are outweighed by the disruptive side effects of the same intervention.

  • Should the US government be in the home mortgage business, directly or indirectly?
  • Is home ownership so much more valuable to society (vs. home rental or other housing alternatives) that it merits such support?


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