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11 Dec Notes

Scott’s propeller is at the bottom of the ocean. Scott is not. He was recently seen at our meeting.

I’m putting this at the top: Umeshism. Scott Aaronson is a quantum physicist who defined it in his blog.

The original one:

If you’ve never missed a flight, you’re spending too much time in airports.

Some variants:

If there aren’t loopholes in the tax code, you’re spending too much time closing loopholes.

If there aren’t unintended consequences to a law, you’re spending too much time anticipating consequences.

Article from Cato in 2013

The program’s expenditures have doubled over the last decade, reaching an estimated $144 billion this year.

Area chart linked to data in table format.

From SSI–to 2003

Compared to most other countries:

Bar chart linked to data in table format.

Statistics: from here

A different view from

Maxine Taylor, Georgia’s first Licensed Astrologer 

American Federation of Astrologers Certification (Only certified astrologer in Maine)

Salmonella outbreak in 2012

Salmonella in general

2015 E coli outbreak

Chipotle outbreak

CBO forecasting results








Notes 4 Dec: Equal Right Amendment

Equal Rights Amendment FAQ.

Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay act,and history

Supreme Court Case Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co, Inc.  (Supreme court)  Wikipedia

At least 41% of Republican men report feeling a “moderate” or “great deal” of gender discrimination this election cycle, compared to 27% of Democratic men who feel the same, according to the report, which drew data from the American National Election Studies. Comparatively, 33% of men overall say they feel the same. From here

That’s right, white people, some 55% of whom say whites are discriminated against in America today, according to a new NPR/Robert Wood Johnson/Harvard poll. Now, this is not entirely a surprise—a 2011 Harvard study found a similar conclusion: “Whites see racism as a zero sum game they are now losing.” From here