August 4: Presidential Power

Tomorrow morning, we will discuss the power of the Executive branch vs. the Legislative branch of the Federal government.

  • Is there a risk of excessive use of “executive orders” and other powers of the Executive (prosecutorial discretion (selective enforcement), IRS audits, etc.), leading to an “imperial” presidency (Republican or Democrat)?
    • Republicans’ latest fear…Executive Order on Immigration.
  • What are the relevant historical analogies?
    • Here’s a pretty good piece on the historical use of Executive Orders…it’s a bit old, a bit long and is an opinion, but it’s a good read nonetheless.

See you Monday!

3 thoughts on “August 4: Presidential Power”

    1. I agree…Dick found some very interesting testimony by a seemingly credible (and very articulate) source. Good read (if you have time) before tomorrow’s meeting.

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