Notes 14 August 2017

North Korean economics

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Economy climbs to 17 year high.

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North Korean Missle program

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How lousy life was in North Korea

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For 14 August: North Korea

Given the developments of the last few days, it looks like we presciently (fortuitously?) chose “North Korea” as our topic for next Monday. We can discuss questions such as:

  • What should the US policy be towards North Korea?
  • How do we best leverage the Chinese relationships with NoKo and the US to achieve our goals?
  • What are realistic goals for US policy?
  • How do the new South Korean president’s views on engagement with NoKo factor in?
  • Should US policy adopt Susan Rice’s “red line”–which I take to mean “annihilation of North Korea” upon “proof that North Korea has transferred nuclear weapons to another state or nonstate actor”? Or are these just empty words?

This is obviously a very difficult puzzle–one that has eluded the UN Security Council’s attempts to solve. While we’ve focused on NoKo in past Beyond Labels discussions, it seems particularly timely to revisit now that the degree of bellicosity has ramped up on both sides.

Remember: We start at 10:00am (instead of 10:30am) for the month of August.

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