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Online Participation

This web site is designed to facilitate the participation of those who cannot attend our weekly meetings or who would like to provide their perspective before or after the meeting.


You can register as a Beyond Labels participant by clicking this link.

Why must I register to comment?

In today’s world, web sites such as this one are located and “spammed” with increasing frequency. Therefore, while anyone can read the content, posts and comments on this site, only registered participants can contribute new posts or comments. We encourage everyone to participate…with the proviso that “inappropriate” comments will be blocked and removed from the site.

Who Decides What is “Inappropriate?”

In determining whether a contribution is “appropriate,” we try to apply the same criteria as we do in the in-person meetings: differences of opinion are respected (and encouraged), but the discussion must be civil and as non-judgmental as possible.  

Before any bona fide user’s comments are removed, they will be discussed at the weekly meeting.  Keep in mind, though, that questionable content may be held in “limbo” (i.e., not published and appearing on the site) until they are discussed at the meeting.

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