February 6: Europe

For next week, we plan to turn our attention to Europe to consider the questions raised in the following New York Times article: The Questions That Could Reshape a Worried Europe in 2017.

Although there are lots of questions, we felt that it might be best to come prepared to discuss all of them–based on the premise that some might not be fruitful enough for two hours’ discussion and we might thereby suffer from more “topic drift.”

See you next week!

One thought on “February 6: Europe”

  1. To add to the questions in the article, the following recent letter from EU President to EU members is interesting. Note also that he says “27 members” while other article says “28 members” – perhaps Britain not invited to Malta conference…

    Also, worth considering Russian Kaliningrad. Here are two articles from Daily Mail – I know it’s a tabloid but if even a small bit is true – cause for concern in EU. And Lithuania is building a wall.



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